In our school we believe the academics should go hand in hand with proper extra curriculum activities to grow and develop fully the child’s potential.


St. Philip Neri Primary School nurtures talents and potentials in music and drama. The school choir is ready to participate in music festivals and many other events.

In October 2018 our school choir participated in Safaripark hotel on the occasion: ”100 years anniversary of Czechoslovakia.”  The choir had a very big success and went viral in Czech and Slovak media. The children were very dedicated to the function and sang variety of Czech and Slovak folk songs and 3 national anthems among others.

The music room is equipped with a variety of music instruments: piano, guitars, flutes, drums, violins, trumpets and other. 


Currently we have:

  • football team

  • volleyball team

  • netball team

  • handball team

  • organized swimming classes

In near future we are planning to build a multipurpose playground for tennis and basketball games.


The children build on all four of their languages skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking by not only referring to books but by singing, role playing and other interactive activities which making learning fun and memorable.


In our school we not only focus on academics but also talent development and skills development programs. Within the school we have a small workshop to teach the children basics in carpentry, tailoring, hairdressing and home science particularly baking and cooking. The child can choose any of the workshop and be part of the skill development club. The skill development programs not only help to develop children practical skills but prepare them properly for the real life and give them much better opportunities to join Technical Colleges and Universities.


Our library is equipped with many story books to enrich child vocabulary and fantasy. For upper primary level it contains national and foreign masterpieces of the most famous world writers.

The literature club is a place where pupils can meet to read and write. It is led by English teacher focuses on development of child’s vocabulary, imagination and creativity.

Among the main activities are poetry, writing short stories, reading and discussing the books etc.